华师大国际关系与地区发展研究院 “2018级英文班硕士 Ana Belén Egas Gallegos的毕业感言”




I wanted to take some of your time to dedicate a short speech to my classmates, with your permission, dear authorities and professors.


Dear Class of 2020,


I still remember the first day I arrived in Shanghai, September 5, 2018, it was my first time in China, I had two suitcases and a head full of dreams as my classmates.


Today I remember that day as if it were yesterday, it is incredible how time flies, it is incredible how fast everything can happen and how a situation can change all your plans.


Today I know that many of you wanted to be here receiving their diploma. I know that many of you, like me wanted to see our families and friends sitting here celebrating that we made it, I know that many of us would have wanted to give us one last hug and say goodbye, but believe me dear classmates, that no one like the classmates presents here would have wanted to graduate all together.


Even if the flavor of victory tastes different without your presence and these seats that you can see here are not empty, today you are not physically but you are in our hearts. The memories and moments that each one has left at ECNU and in us, your classmates are forever.


I know that we will never be able to forget the magical time that China offered to us.


Two years that have allowed us to grow, change and improve.


Two years where we have learned from new cultures, two years where we have strengthened our academic knowledge, two years that have marked us for life. Especially you 2020 that you have taken us out from our comfort zone and make you to prove that we can start from zero again.


Two years where we realized that languages are not an obstacle to make friends if we can greet in Chinese, cheer in Spanish, express ourselves in English and for sure swear in Russian.


Two years full of so many good times and difficult situations that have allowed us to demonstrate what we are made of and how important it is to value what we have around us.


Today, dear colleagues, we are Masters in Law. And I say this with pride because I know that each one has fought hard for this title. It is not easy to cross the world, come to a country with a different culture and traditions, and study in another language. But we made it, today perhaps we are not all together but I know that wherever you are in the world, you are safe, you are with your families and we are here to represent you.


My dear class of 2020, be proud that despite this difficult moment we are the promotion that has been born into a new reality and it is up to us to improve it.


Today you are not here but we are all where we should be for some reason that we will soon discover. Use everything you have learned here and be strong. I am sure that in difficult times is where the best ideas are born.


And I am surer that each one of you will take this situation as an opportunity to grow.


Today masters we reached the goal, but it is not the end of the road. Many more triumphs will come. For now, I can just wish success to all, be safe, take care and thank you for having been a part of this International Relations family.


It was an honor to address you.


Congratulations to everyone.


Thank you.




                                                                Ana Belén Egas Gallegos